Mohawk Unit

Brief adventures offroad

F800GS tries to hang with a FE570 and WR250

Old video from last fall. Trails have been all snowed in since December. Here’s hoping for a swift final stage of winter.

Checking out Color in the Catskills and rando forest trails

A few weeks ago I went to Color in the Catskills. Quality event! Went up the mountain, watched Teach McNeil beat on his 800, and helped push BMW boxer bikes up a muddy hill. Second half of the video is exploring woods trails the weekend before. Almost everyone featured in this video takes a spill except me, weird.

Twin 800GS's and a KTM in the dark & exploring eastward

Met up with a new riding friend on a fellow 800GS — who lives one street over from me. Andy on the KTM joined us for some evening riding, and the following weekend it was off to Rensselaer County and Western Mass. to see some new trails.

F800GS and CRF250L Exploring the Schoharie Forests

Just doing some 'splorin out in Schoharie forest, one weekend by myself and the other with a pal.

Pizza in the ADK - Schroon Lake to Port Douglas on the F800GS

Not offroad, just a timelapse of one of my rides through the ADK. I usually take 87 to Schroon Lake, where Route 9 becomes more or less totally unused by travelers. This is required riding for any NY motorcyclist.

F800GS riding the trails solo + a tardy KTM 640 Enduro

Rode some trails solo, picked some unwise lines on hill climbs that almost ended me in hot water. Checked out a pretty wild logging field, met up with Andy, fell in the mud, then explored a new trail that ended up getting hairy in the best way possible - TWO downed tree underpasses and a formidable hill climb.

F800GS & 640 LC4 exploring the NY state forests.

Andy & I checked out a new state forest south of Albany, on the precipice of the Catskills. It was half the day exploring the area, with mixed results, and the rest spent in familiar territory.

F800GS & CRF250L moseying through Maple Inn & Partridge Run.

At 4pm on my day off, I decided that working was the wrong move, and squeezed in some riding time with my buddy Kevin. In this first video, the picture is a little shaky, a branch knocks the camera off my helmet and Kevin dumps the 250 in a water crossing (I didn't get it on film) – Certainly a passing effort.